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TBH I have always been a shy, but charismatic introvert. I used to hate being in front of cameras, I would never smile for pictures, pictures of my childhood are limited…my mother used to call me Wednesday Addams lol. I struggled with figuring out how to fit in, how to be personable and I always admired people who were. Back in July of 2015, I had this crazy idea to just jump into blogging. I had done it before for 3 years but never really showed my face; it was a digital art blog for a video game I used to play. I had a lot of encouragement from my family and friends to put myself out there and that’s what I ended up doing. I met up with a local photographer, Jacky Chang, and did my first real photoshoot. He was AMAZING, I was stiff af, but it was soooo much fun. That shoot led to another and 20+ shoots later, here I am! YAY! Now my first website was a hot mess and I apologize to anyone who went to navigate it. I love graphic design, but I was over the top with it and it was so slow because I packed it full with everything I could. As the years went by, my style style has changed to be more subtle/minimalist. So it took me about 3 days to move everything over from my old page to my new one and I hope it is much easier on the eyes. Please do me a favor: check it out, explore, click on all the things and if anything doesn’t work or looks out of place, please send me a message/email. I will also be utilizing my blog more to actually document all of my shenanigans which has been long over due. On the old page, I used to the blog for my shoots, and now each one will be in its own cute gallery. I may archive old ones because there are so many, but I will leave them up for now. Thank you all so much for the love and support over the years, I definitely would’ve quit years ago if it weren’t for you guys! Talk to you again soon…. -E

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