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So, I told myself that I was going to wait to put together a shop and some merchandise for it, but I got a 50% off the commerce deal from Squarespace and here we are! I had been using TeePublic since my very first site and although they were a very reliable company, I wasn't able to embed my storefront and make it one cohesive website. I will definitely miss all of the options it has to offer though. Because of this all of my older illustrations are still there for purchase and if you want to order them, here is the link to my TeePublic storefront. In the future I may put them all on here, but for now I have these new designs I’ve been working on and also the bestselling illustration on this site for purchase! If you like any of my new designs but want a different color, just let me know and I can do a custom order for you. Thank you so much for all of your continued support and be on the look out for more new stuff whenever I get the chance to sit down and create it! Love always, Elle.

Elle Rosegold